Union Meeting House, Old Town Hall and Surrounding Streetscape Project


The properties of the Old Town Hall Museum and the Union Meeting House are both owned by the Borough of Marietta, but are leased and maintained by Marietta Restoration Associates. Both properties are accessible and open to the community for educational opportunities and events, while the Union Meeting House lends itself to a unique and authentic space that can be rented for weddings, parties, and other private events.

The proposed enhancements to the area around these two properties by the edge of town provide a distinctive and welcoming space for both visitors arriving to Marietta and guests attending events, as well as accessible routes connecting Borough sidewalks to these landmark structures. Visually unifying signage to better identify these event destinations, appropriate site and architectural illumination, a new marker to honor those buried in the Union Meeting House cemetery, and period-appropriate plantings are all proposed. Potential streetscape enhancements include the addition of an E. Prospect Avenue sidewalk, several on-street parking spaces, a low brick-faced retaining wall, pedestrian-scaled lighting, street trees, and a durable brick/concrete plaza space located at the intersection of the above streets, to both visually and physically link all new and existing amenities. Also, an off-street parking area is proposed on a separate, but nearby property. (Source: Marietta Restoration Associates)


View Concept Renderings, Provided by RGS Associates




Special Thanks to the Eater Family Foundation, of Marietta, PA for providing funding for this project.