Public Facility and Infrastructure Improvements

Program Overview

A maximum of $200,000 will be granted to any project or program in Fiscal Year 2017.

For municipal infrastructure or community facilities projects, sponsors are required to certify that a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the total project cost will be financed through non-CDBG
sources of funding.

  • CDBG funds can be used for construction costs only.
  • At least five percent (5%) of the cost of construction contracts must be paid with non-CDBG funds.
  • Project sponsors are responsible for covering all legal, advertising, right-of-way acquisition, engineering, and design (soft) costs.

All CDBG Projects must be designed to serve those areas of the community with the highest percent of low- and moderate-income persons, using current census data or recent income survey results.

  • All projects must benefit residents in an area that is at least 39.79% low- and moderate-income;
  • The project area must be primarily residential.

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Facilities and Infrastructure Policies and Procedures 2017 678k

How to Apply for Funding

Municipalities/Organizations will be notified of the availability of funds for public improvement projects in the Winter of each year. Funding will generally be available beginning in the summer of the following year.

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Eligible Projects

New Sanitary Sewer Systems - Construct new sewage treatment plants and collections systems.

Sanitary Sewer System Extensions - Extend sanitary sewage collection lines beyond existing service areas.

Public Water System Distribution and Extensions - Construction of a new public water treatment plant, filtration plant, distribution system or extension project.

Neighborhood Improvement Projects - Curb and sidewalk replacement, major storm water management improvements, street reconstruction, or water main and sewer main replacement.

Parks and Recreational Facilities - Construct new facilities or purchase new equipment.

Public Facility Improvements - Energy efficiency improvements, handicap accessibility and other structural improvements to a public facility that benefits low- and moderate- income persons..

Funded Projects

Fiscal YearMunicipality and Project NameGrant Amount Awarded
2016Eden Township; Furnace Road Reconstruction$150,000
2016Columbia Borough; Poplar Street Improvements Project$200,000
2016YWCA of Lancaster; Energy Savings and Pool Infill Project$196,440
2016Marietta Borough; Basin "D" Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation 200,000
2016Millersville Borough; West Frederick Street Infrastructure Improvements Project$153,560
2015Columbia Borough - South Eighth St.$250,000
2015Manheim Borough - E Adele Ave Storm Water$243,824
2015West Earl Township$231,176
2014Millersville Borough - West Frederick Street Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 3$97,018
2014West Earl Township - East Main Street Storm Water Improvement Phase 2$220,000
2014Manheim Brough - W. Stiegel St./S. Penn St. Improvement Project Phase 1$175,000
2014Mt. Hope Nazarene Retirement Community - Sewer Project$250,000
2013Lititz Borough - Forney Drive/Plum Street Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 2$70,000
2013Millersville Borough - West Frederick Street Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 2$250,000
2013Columbia Borough - Plane Street Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 2$250,000
2013Manheim Borough - Fulton/West End Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 2$129,000
2012West Earl Township - East Main Street Storm Sewer Project Phase 1$100,000
2012Columbia Borough - Walnut Street Neighborhood Improvement Project$150,000
2012Marietta Borough - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Basins B&C Project$200,000
2012Manheim Borough - Fulton/West End Neighborhood Improvement Project Phase 1$125,000
2012Leacock Township - Lincoln Highway Area Sewer Extension Project$175,000
2011Marietta Borough - Basin A Sanitary Sewer$180,000
2011Millersville Borough - West Frederick St Phase I$160,529
2011Manheim Borough - East Gramby Street$87,991
2011Mt. Joy Borough - Manheim St. Water & Sewer$202,500
2011Columbia Borough - Plane St. Phase I$180,000
2010Columbia Borough - N. Second St. Project$200,000
2010Paradise Township - Kinzer's Sanitary Sewer Extension$121,000
2010Quarryville Borough - North Church St. Well Improvement Project$70,000
2010Rapho Township - Water System Improvement Project$188,948
2010Welsh Mountain Dental Expansion - Sewer Project$250,000
2010YWCA of Lancaster - Storm Pipe Replacement$70,052