Public and Homeless Services

Funding Public Service and Homeless Programs

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) may use a small percentage of its annual entitlement on public services including but not limited to:

Health care and health care accessibility, legal services, youth services, case management services, fair housing activities, outreach and crisis assistance, services for the homeless and homelessness prevention activities, and fiduciary services.

The majority of the County of Lancaster’s CDBG funds for public services have been spent on direct services to the following activities:  housing, health, case management, legal services, and children and youth.

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) may fund programs that help persons experiencing homelessness to move quickly back into permanent housing. Eligible activities include rapid re-housing, emergency shelter, and homeless prevention.

CDBG and ESG funds are not provided to individuals.  All funds are provided to organizations providing services. If you would like a list of all programs funded by CDBG and ESG funds through the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority, please contact Aimee Tyson at

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